Customer Service Management

Time isn’t just money. It’s also customer goodwill. After all, who wants to be on hold for an hour?

Ricoh Workflow Solutions can help you deliver a quality customer experience by making your customer-facing employees lives easier, as well as those of your customers, distributors or resellers.

It all starts with freeing front-line sales and service staff from routine document and information management tasks, so that they can focus on delivering a more personalised customer experience.

With better processes, your teams can collaborate across departments to provide a first-class experience, both internally and externally, and help deliver timely, high quality products and services to your customers.

  • Improve customer satisfaction with faster processing, easier access to information, speedier responses and more convenient electronic forms.
  • Focus on value-generating activities with time saved on manual tracking and processing.
  • Generate more business with speedy automation that allows you to process more information, faster.

Features of Customer Service Management Software



Customisable to suit your unique business needs and scales with you as you grow.



Easy to implement and easy to use software with the ability to meet a wide range of needs.



Secure and reliable integration with existing enterprise technologies and platforms.



Mobile access for remote workers, field sales and distributed office locations.

Discover a smarter workplace with our business process solutions.

These are just some of the workflow related offerings we provide:
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