Forms Management

Your customers expect service to be fast and in the form most convenient to them. Unfortunately many organisations are drowning in paperwork, and a lot can go wrong with these paper-based processes and workflows.

More than just an electronic version of a paper form, intelligent forms management quickly captures, verifies and moves data where it is needed.

Ricoh’s Forms Management Services allow you to accelerate business processes and improve services to your key audiences – customers, community, vendors or employees – by easily tracking, maintaining and responding to requests.

  • Empower decision-making by getting an accurate and complete picture with data available at your fingertips.
  • Reduce costs and avoid operational obstacles by eliminating manual, duplicative and inaccurate forms-based processes.
  • An easy-to-use solution that allows you to modify forms and workflows without having to engage IT or consultants.

Features of Digital Forms Management Software



Customisable to suit your unique business needs and scales with you as you grow.



Easy to implement and easy to use software with the ability to meet a wide range of needs.



Secure and reliable integration with existing enterprise technologies and platforms.



Mobile access for remote workers, field sales and distributed office locations.

Discover a smarter workplace with our business process solutions.

These are just some of the workflow related offerings we provide:
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