Human Resources Management

Creating, copying, distributing and locating documents is a necessary task completed multiple times per day within any HR department. This can be very time-consuming, diverting employees away from their core responsibilities.

Ricoh’s Workflow Solutions for HR allows employees to spend more time on more rewarding work by spending less time on manual processes and record retrieval. Through speedier processing and response times, and convenient self-serve options you’ll also increase employee satisfaction.

Our Workflow Solutions can help you capture, process and store documents securely and in an easily managed central repository. This gives real-time access to up-to-date information such as CVs, contracts, appraisals, healthcare and pensions.
  • Streamline and accelerate HR processes.
  • Efficiently capture, track and control HR related information.
  • Reduce liability with more accurate records and electronic storage that meets government regulations.

Features of HR Management Software



Customisable to suit your unique business needs and scales with you as you grow.



Easy to implement and easy to use software with the ability to meet a wide range of needs.



Secure and reliable integration with existing enterprise technologies and platforms.



Mobile access for remote workers, field sales and distributed office locations.

Discover a smarter workplace with our business process solutions.

These are just some of the workflow related offerings we provide:
Customer Service Forms Management Accounts Payable and Receivable HR Management Enterprise Content Management Contract Management Case Management Security and Compliance Records Management Professional Services


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